Private Housing Development

Residential development advice covering a wide range of tenures and mixed use schemes; from large projects, to regeneration programmes or small rural exception sites we can support your private housing development or portfolio.


Development Support...

WP Housing specialise in providing residential development advice through the full development cycle. Our process and regulatory knowledge allow us to advise on site planning, to maximise the necessary affordable housing aspect without undermining the commercial developments; what’s more, our expertise in local market analysis means our advice is best suited to the location and market you are operating in.


Our services to help private developers meet their responsibilities:

  • Land acquisition and viability
  • Design and planning support
  • Affordable housing value
  • Grant funding options
  • Affordable housing land & build contracts

Land acquisition and viability

  • Advising on affordable housing policy, mix and tenure based on evidenced housing need 
  • Risk analysis and mitigation 
  • Affordable housing design compliance to Section 106 Agreements and grant funding 
  • Presenting the affordable housing commercial offer • Market testing affordable housing revenues 
  • Package / pre-sale proposals to housing providers, care providers etc. 

Design and planning support

  • Agreeing the affordable housing proposal with LPAs and LA Strategic Housing teams 
  • Preparing the affordable housing offer as part of the planning application 
  • Appraisals to achieve the best commercial proposal for the affordable housing 
  • Agreeing Section 106 Agreement terms which seek to deliver commercial requirements. 

Affordable Housing Value

  • Agreeing unit mix, tenure and design standards and cash flow structure to achieve the most cost effective proposal 
  • Identifying potential housing providers for the affordable housing dwellings 
  • Managing affordable housing tender / procurement process 
  • Project managing the preferred housing provider into contract. 

Grant funding options

  • Business case for affordable housing provisions with and without grant / subsidy 
  • Establish grant funding parameters as part of the affordable housing proposal, S106 and contracts with the preferred housing provider 
  • Assessing the strategic case of Homes & Communities Agency investment and funding programmes 
  • Submitting and negotiating funding bids and contracts for Homes & Communities Agency investment 
  • Project management of the Homes & Communities Agency contract.

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