Strategic Asset Management Advice

Use strategic asset management advice from WP Housing to release value from your housing assets, achieving and maintaining value for money at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. 


Improving performance...

The economic climate, regulation requirements, asset value, efficiency, value for money and stakeholder expectations all form a part of modern housing developments. At WP Housing, we recognise the challenges that housing providers face and our team has first-hand experience working in these scenarios.


Adding Sustainable Value

WP Housing can determine the current and long-term financial and qualitative performance of housing portfolios or individual assets, helping to unlock potential improved returns.

You benefit from a robust process, underpinned by methodical analysis which includes bespoke criteria developed through discussion with your team and evaluation of your existing data. We then create long term investment priorities to improve asset value and business performance, and to anticipate your current and future needs. Our approach is to plan and deliver a strategy which supports your business objectives whilst at the same time advancing economic, environmental and social conditions within the communities they touch and ensuring your property portfolio evolves over time. 


Social and environment impacts

Your social and environmental policies can improve customers’ and residents’ wellbeing, whilst enhancing your organisation’s reputation. We can assist in developing measures which create a balanced understanding of current returns on assets and the options to improve future returns, without deviating from the social and environmental objectives. This supports the regulatory requirement to “maintain a robust assessment of the performance of all assets and resources (including for example financial, social and environmental returns)”


Realising asset value

Active asset management will enable improved returns, and ensures housing organisations retain and maintain homes which are fit for purpose, at the same time ensuring future investment plans and operational management practices are delivered. It can include:

  • Remodelling
  • Change of tenures
  • Redevelopment
  • Business improvement and efficiency
  • Disposing of stock for reinvestment


A full overview of our strategic asset management service

We are able to offer strategic support, option appraisal and technical services as part of our strategic asset management, tailored to meet your requirements including:

Strategy and planning

  • Bespoke asset management strategy
  • Procurement strategy
  • Diversification of assets and income streams
  • Stock rationalisation
  • Business improvement

Option appraisals and review

  • Estate, scheme, or project option appraisals.
  • Stock data quality reviews

Analysis and modelling

  • Asset and neighbourhood modelling
  • Whole cycle analysis and options
  • Tailored benchmarking and business reviews for all front facing services

Property Service and In-House Contractor

  • Open book cost review
  • Commercial controls
  • Supply chain reviews and procurement

Business Improvement and excellence

  • Advanced process improvement techniques to analyse how effectively policies and processes are being managed
  • Identify and deliver service effectiveness and efficiency


  • Project management
  • Interim management
  • Partnering advice

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