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WP Housing offer a professional consultancy service, consistently delivering strategic planning, development and regeneration expertise, employers agent and cost management to help you properly utilise and realise your asset value.

Working with housing associations, local authorities, ALMOs,
developers, contractors and a range of statutory and voluntary
agencies, we help to enhance development projects and improve value for money on all types of project.


About WP Housing

WP Housing provide strategic asset management, development and regeneration support alongside Employers’ Agent services, to help realise asset value from all types of housing project. We actively work with housing associations, local authorities, ALMOs, developers, contractors and a range of statutory and voluntary agencies to deliver the service from start to finish, or as an extension of an existing team.

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Another satisfied customer...

“Thanks to WP Housing, customer satisfaction with our repairs service increased by 8% and the number of repairs reduced by 21%”


“The approach brought people and property analysis together to provide a holistic action plan which improved customers experience and service efficiency.”


Strategic Asset Management (SAM)

Used to release value from your housing assets, SAM can help achieve and sustain value for money, meet or exceed stakeholder expectations and enhance your social and environmental impacts. From strategy and planning to the appraisal of options, analysis and modelling to implementation, WP Housing can support with one or all aspects of your strategic asset management.

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Affordable Housing Development

WP Housing can offer support to housing associations, local authorities and ALMOs, helping to realise the potential returns from affordable housing projects and maximising investments. From the identification and acquisition of suitable sites to local market modelling and analysis, our service includes Quantity Surveying, Employers’ Agent and Principal Designer support to ensure return on investment.

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Private Housing Development

Specialist residential development advice from WP Housing includes the essential process and regulatory knowledge and advice on site planning, helping to maximise the necessary affordable housing aspect without undermining the commercial development. From land acquisition and viability to grant funding, affordable housing value, land and build contracts to design and planning support, we can help no matter what the issue.

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Regeneration Projects

Helping to create communities which are economically sustainable yet socially inclusive, regeneration projects can help housing areas become sought-after. From option appraisals to viability modelling, stakeholder communications to project leadership and management, WP Housing can support with maximising housing regeneration projects.

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In-house Contractor

Supporting with investment planning, procurement and contract management, WP Housing can help improve customer satisfaction with a landlord, at the same time levying important financial gains and cost-savings. For example, working on one project, WP Housing successfully achieved an 8% increase in customer satisfaction with a 21% decrease in the number of required repairs.

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Business Improvement & Excellence

Improving the efficiency of development businesses, WP Housing in partnership with Housing Excellence can support with value for money strategy, business excellence, HCA regulatory compliance, internal audits, process improvements and documented management systems. 

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